We are associated with the following manufacturers to offer their products in Kuwait market:

1.Rilco Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Rilco Manufacturing Company is a world leader in the development of pipe support systems and components. Rilco manufacture a wide range of pipe supports including low and high temperature insulated pipe supports, variable and constant spring hangers, snubbers including custom designed pipe support systems to clients all over the world.

2.Rembe GmbH, Germany-
REMBE GmbH is the leading manufacturer of Safety products like Rupture Disks, Explosion Panels and, Weighing systems for the world wide process industries.

3.KRUSMAN Emergency Showers, Sweden-
KRUSHMAN Emergency showers are one of the leading European manufacturers of Emergency showers and Eye Wash stations for the Process / Petrochemical Industries.

4.Delta Steam Systems CC, South Africa-
Delta Steam Systems CC, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a specialist manufacturer of Steam traps using Venturi / Orifice technology.

Delta's Steam traps work based on a combination of Venturi / Orifice technologies and can work with any varying loads in the refineries - from minimum to maximum capacity.

Delta Steam systems have supplied this high performance steam traps to many oil refineries & petrochemicals.

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Our principal, Moore Hawke, division of Moore Industries International, USA has successfully delivered Field bus Physical Layer for BS 132 KOC project.
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